We love your photos

AAFSW publishes photos of our activities and events in the Global Link newsletter, on our website, www.aafsw.org, and on our Facebook page. If you are a member of an AAFSW interest group, or are attending one of our activities, please take a few photos to share!

For publication in the Global Link, photos must be taken at “print resolution” or at least 1024 x 768 pixels in size. For the website or Facebook page, “web resolution”, or less than 640 x 480 pixels is acceptable, though not optimal. Using a flash for all indoor shots is also very helpful!

Please email your photos to newsletter@aafsw.org. Include your name, the name of the event or group, the date taken, and any captions that you would like to include. Identification of the people in the photos is optional: in general we try to include names for the Global Link, but we understand that some people would prefer not to be named on the website or Facebook page.

Thank you for sharing your photos, and helping to “connect the Foreign Service community at home and abroad!”