Donations to AAFSW are an important contribution to offsetting our operating expenses and supporting initiatives that reflect our concern for our Foreign Service community. There are now three ways you can donate to AAFSW:

  1. Download and print a donation form to mail to AAFSW headquarters with your check.
  2. Select one of the options below to donate using a major credit card or Paypal.
    Donation OptionsPayment Options
    AAFSW Headquarters Fund

    Helps cover the costs for supporting this website, Livelines, the publication Global Link, our office manager's salary and office equipment, etc. along with any supporting funds sought by the special interest groups for their activities.

    Volunteerism Award Fund

    Each year in cooperation with the regional departments of the State Department, we select and honor someone from each geographical region who has shown exceptional volunteer outreach overseas. While the stipends are funded through a separate grant, the money to administer the program and pay for the honoring lunches is funded through donations. Read more about this on our Awards Page.

    AAFSW Scholarship Fund

    In addition to supporting the AAFSW/AFSA scholarships for Foreign Service youth seeking scholastic expense support and the Foreign Service Youth Foundation, AAFSW has also supported separate scholarships for spouses wishing to further their own education. Read more about this in our Record of Achievement.

    AAFSW gratefully accepts gifts such as stock options, bequests or other on-going financial mechanisms. Call or email our office (202-362-6514) to learn more about these possibilities.Designating your fund choice ensures that your money goes to your preferred recipient program. Please let us know if you would like your donation to be acknowledged publicly as well as privately.Donations help us accomplish our goal of assisting Foreign Service families. We welcome your ideas!
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