“You’ve Come a Long Way (while going a long way), Baby!”

Those who attended the June 2010 performance of the AAFSW 50th Anniversary Musical Play will remember the overwhelming audience response – laughter, tears, spontaneous applause, enormous pleasure and self-recognition.

AAFSW 50th Anniversary

AAFSW was so inspired by the rave reception given to this original play with musical parodies (written, edited, and performed entirely by Foreign Service volunteers) that we undertook to make a DVD of the show.  The taping took place in August at the FSI sound studio, and we are now ready to distribute the DVD.  If you saw the live performance, here is your chance to relive the joy and have a great memento of that uplifting day.

If you did not get to see the live performance, you will certainly want to purchase a DVD, which presents 50 years of Foreign Service history (and AAFSW advocacy and accomplishments) from the spouse point of view! You will love the songs:  “The answer my friend, is hidden in the FAM”
(Blowin’ in the Wind); “Welcome to the Oakwood Corporate Apartments”
(Hotel California); “Wake me up when the packout ends” (Wake Me Up When September Ends); “CLO, you’re always running here and there” (Ben by Michael Jackson); “Your life’s a challenge on a hardship tour…you’re dutiful” (You’re Beautiful); “We roam the world, we take our children” (We Are The World); and an original rap song about “Da Internet”, and more!

The cost of production was underwritten by the Cox Foundation (whom we thank profusely), so the low price of $7.00 represents the cost to AAFSW to reproduce and mail out the DVD to you.  Place your order today!

Questions? Email office@aafsw.org.

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