Winners and Honorable Mentions Chosen for the 2021 Secretary of State Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad (SOSA)

The SOSA awards, administered by AAFSW, were established in 1990 with the direct encouragement and support of then-Secretary James A. Baker and his wife Susan.  While on official travel, Mrs. Baker was so impressed by the extraordinary volunteer work performed by the Foreign Service community overseas that she advocated for an award to recognize these volunteer accomplishments.   The 2021 winners were chosen by selection committees consisting of AAFSW President Lara Center; AAFSW SOSA Chair Patricia Linderman assisted by committee members Mette Beecroft and Nami Kritenbrink; Director Gabrielle Hampson of the Global Community Liaison Office (formerly GCLO) assisted by Jason Pantaleo; and the director or other representative of each geographic regional… Read More

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