2016 SOSA Awardees to Be Honored on November 10

This year we received nineteen SOSA nominations from posts in all of the six geographic regions. AAFSW thanks those posts and individuals who took the time to nominate these volunteers. All the nominees’ remarkable activities have had a profound impact on Mission and host-country communities overseas. AAFSW is pleased to announce the 2016 winners of the SOSA Award: AF Ronit and Craig Gerard, Dakar EAP Sofia Blake, Jakarta EUR Miriam Engstrom, Ankara NEA Bob Castro, Manama SCA Jennifer Heemstra, Kolkata WHA Farah Vinnedge, Brasilia Project summaries and photos will be posted on aafsw.org this month, so be sure to visit the website and check them out! The annual AAFSW Awards… Read More

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