Raising Kids in the Foreign Service Book Launched!

Laura Fabrycky, Patricia Linderman and Anne Sullivan. Authors in the DC area who donated their work to AAFSW’s newest book gathered on Friday, Nov. 13, to celebrate the publication of this new resource, packed with information, personal stories and humor. Pictured are Laura Fabrycky, who contributed “Joy for a Dime and a Song: A Case for a Washington, DC Tour with Children”; myself (“Congratulations: You’re Raising a TCK!”); and Anne Sullivan, “Overseas Schools: A Parent’s Guide.” Joshua Archibald, contributor of “Tandem Couples and Kids” also attended. Ana Gabriela Turner, “Traveling with Kids,” and Amanda Fernandez, “An Unaccompanied Tour,” had to cancel (Friday the 13th bad luck?) but were there in… Read More

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