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An Impressionist Portrait of My Mother, Lesley Dorman

The hues of my mother’s life gleamed and glistened in brilliant jewel-toned colors – strong, positive and gleaming colors, resilient, passionate and fiery. She woke up every morning to her customary Twining’s Earl Grey tea and took out her pen to do the New York Times crossword puzzle which she always finished by conferring with various […]

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Irreplaceable Lesley Dorman by Mette Beecroft

Lesley Dorman was an ardent and faithful member of the AAFSW (Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide) for almost fifty years. From 1976 to 1981, she served as AAFSW’s President. Her record of service has never been equaled. She died at Sibley Memorial Hospital on August 19, 2016, not long before her 96th birthday. […]

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