AAFSW is hiring a new Office Manager. Please send your applications to office@aafsw.org.


The Office Manager serves at the discretion of the governing board of AAFSW under the direct supervision of the President.  The Office Manager is responsible for the AAFSW Office’s smooth functioning.  Duties will include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Draft and send correspondence of general interest;
  • Promptly send mail as requested by Board Members and Committee Chairs;
  • Organize and send out various mailings, including board minutes, invitations, flyers, etc., in a timely manner;
  • Forward mail, as necessary, to Board Members and Committee Chairs;
  • Answer telephone and email queries regarding AAFSW;
  • Help with coordination of volunteers and volunteers hours;
  • As required, make reservations for events in the office building, the Department of State, DACOR, and other locations.
  • Maintain various databases, e.g., membership, Global Link, and financial, inputting new data promptly, creating additional databases as needed, and ensuring that an updated list of log-ins, passwords, etc. are maintained in a secure location available to the President and Vice President; Organize and maintain Association files, e.g., this board year’s presidential files, last board year’s presidential files, sets of newsletters, board minutes, finance sub-committee minutes, audit reports, and “year-end” reports from committee members and board members;
  • Present an annual summary of the number of new and active members every quarter;
  • Keep office and computer equipment in good order and condition;
  • Keep office neat and well-organized for easy use by all Board Members and Committee Chairs; order basic supplies as needed;
  • Pay routine bills and vouchers after their approval by the President and Treasurer; any non-recurring expenditure over $100 must be approved in advance by the President and Treasurer;
  • Process, itemize, and deposit checks received for membership, meetings, events, and other miscellaneous sales – in the case of events, post a list of attendees to each event so that the event coordinator always has ready access to it;
  •  Assist Board Members with their AAFSW duties.
  • Coordinate with Global Link Production Manager to obtain electronic issues of the Global Link and distribute them by email;  
  • Arrange to print hard copies of Global Link; mail them through USPS; 
  • Report to the Board any unusual or significant matters outside of routine duties at monthly board meetings;
  • Create and prioritize a list of documents in AAFSW office files that need to be digitized;
  • Scan documents and create a digital archive as time permits and with the assistance of volunteers.

All references above to correspondence and mailings assume regular and email communications.

Hours and Location

The Office Manager sets actual hours worked, using sound judgment to accomplish the tasks.  It is expected that this will take up to 30 hours per week. However, the AAFSW Board recognizes that the work can be cyclical and relies on the Manager to set practices to control their own time and workload, utilizing volunteers to assist if feasible.  The work is generally done at the AAFSW Office, Suite 214, 9th Street North, Arlington.  Core hours are usually 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The office is closed on Federal holidays.  Alternate work times, and the possibility of remote work, will be considered subject to the accomplishment of the AAFSW mission.

Salary and Benefits

For performing the above duties, the Office Manager will receive a salary of $19.00 per hour for a maximum of 1560 hours during the 2023-2024 contract year.  The performance will be reviewed annually, and any pay raises for subsequent years in the contract period will be discussed with the Board during the review period.  The Office Manager should submit a time sheet listing hours worked to receive payment.  This should be done by the first day of the following month. The paycheck will be issued by the Friday of the first week of that month. In addition, AAFSW pays DC Unemployment, Social Security, and Medicare contributions as required by law.

Sick leave accrues at the rate of 2 hours per month.  Up to 12 hours of unused sick leave accrued during the previous 12-month period will carry over annually. Any hours worked over 30 per week will accrue as compensatory time to be taken by agreement between the President and Office Manager and paid when taken. All leave must be communicated to the President.  Periods of leave longer than three consecutive days should be approved by the President at least 30 days in advance, except in the case of emergencies.