AAFSW BookStore

AAFSW is seeking a manager for our BookStore. The deadline for application is December 24, 2022.

Please submit an e-mail indicating interest along with a copy of your resume, or CV, or equivalent to akauzlar@gmail.com and kennedy.pat@hotmail.com.

A job description and outline of specific duties are below.


The Manager’s duties encompass the management of the AAFSW BookRoom, and BookStore at Foggy Bottom and supports the annual Art&BookFair. The Book Operations Manager works closely with and reports to the Chair of the Art&Book Fair. The specific duties are outlined below. 

Hours and Location:

Actual hours worked are set by the Manager, using good judgment to accomplish the tasks.  It is expected that this will take up to 30 hours per week. The AAFSW Board recognizes that the work is often cyclical, and relies on the Manager to set practices to control his/her own time and workload, utilizing volunteers as much as possible. The work is generally done in the US Department of State in space designated and maintained by the Department. The BookStore is to be open for 3 hours (11:30 to 2:30) in the middle of every work day.

Salary and Benefits:

For performing the above duties, the Book Room Manager will receive a salary of $17.17 per hour for a maximum of 1560 hours during the 2023 contract year. Performance will be reviewed annually and any pay raises for subsequent years in the contract period will be discussed with the Board during the review period.  Hours and days worked will be set by the Book Operations Manager in consultation with the Art & BookFair Chair or the President of AAFSW. To receive payment, the Book Operations Manager should submit a time sheet listing hours worked. This should be done by the first day of the following month. The paycheck will be issued by the Friday of the first full week of that month. AAFSW pays DC Unemployment, Social Security, and Medicare contributions as required by law.

Sick leave accrues at the rate of 2 hours per month. Up to 12 hours of unused sick leave accrued during the previous 12-month period, will carry over annually. Any hours worked over 30 per week will accrue as compensatory time to be taken by agreement between the Art & Book Fair Chair and the Book Operations Manager and paid when taken. All leave must be communicated to the Treasurer or Book Operations treasurer (AAFSW Assistant Treasurer). Periods of leave longer than 3 consecutive days should be approved by the AAFSW Art and BookFair Chair, Treasurer and/or President at least 30 days in advance except in the case of emergencies.


The Book Operations Manager is employed under the conditions of the Agreement which is attached to this document and serves at the discretion of the Governing Board of AAFSW and such Committees as it may appoint.

The Book Operations Manager has the overall responsibility for the management and operations of the BookRoom, BookStore and supports the annual Art&BookFair (working with the AAFSW Art&BookFair Chair). Specifically, these duties include:

  1. Organize the gathering, pricing, sorting, displaying, boxing, and storage of books for Art&BookFair.  
  1. Receive calls, email and messages concerning donations and volunteer issues. Messages must be monitored and acted upon on a daily basis, from home if necessary. 
  1. Arrange pickups or coordinate pickups with volunteers.  Combining trips to be efficient and save mileage is encouraged. A log must be kept in the BookRoom of pickups with dates and name of person(s) who will take care of it.
  1. Check and empty the donation bins throughout the Department of State on a regular basis.  
  1. Obtain supplies, maintain the equipment in the BookRoom and BookStore, and be responsible for sweeping the floor, organizing the room, emptying the trash and, when needed, arranging for janitor service.  Empty the donation bin regularly so that pricing can be done efficiently.  Dispose of any garbage  and recyclables on a daily basis.
  1. Assist volunteers – mainly Art Corner and Collector’s Corner – concerning the proper disposition of valuable and special books and other items.
  1. Train and manage the activities of the volunteers who assist in BookStore and Art&BookFair operations.  Request further specific volunteer help when necessary.
  1. Manages volunteer usage of Departmental parking passes for BookRoom use.
  1. Maintain proper records of BookStore income and make deposits to Bank of America (or current bank used) when BookStore activity has taken place.  Keep all money safe and secure.
  1. Provide the AAFSW office with a written monthly report of sales figures on or before the 7th of the following month.
  1. Provide the AAFSW with a written monthly report of mileage incurred on behalf of AAFSW on or before the 10th of the following month.
  1. Submit reimbursement vouchers within one month of incurring expenses.
  1. Maintain an up-to-date file of contacts in the State Department and outside vendors, along with their office names, room numbers or street address, telephone numbers, and email addresses.  This includes contacts in General Services, Facilities Management Services, Diplomatic Security and vendors for Art&BookFair.
  1. Maintain security of all locations used by the AAFSW book operations in the State Department, including sales rooms and storage rooms.  Keep files of all room keys and combination numbers on safes or entrance gates, and share access information with only those who have a need to know.
  1. Work closely with Art&BookFair chairpersons and volunteers to create a smoothly running event.  Collaborate with the Art&BookFair Chair on a report after Art&BookFair.
  1. Manage requests for security badges for BookRoom use in coordination with Art&BookFair chairpersons and AAFSW State Liaison. 
  1. Keep a record of actual hours worked with notation of whether the hours were spent in the BookRoom, at home, or on pickups and submit time sheets of such hours to the AAFSW Assistant Treasurer.
  1. Work with AAFSW volunteers in projects involving selling books or other items online.
  2. Display information about AAFSW and help promote membership in the organization.
  3. Work 4 to 5 days a week. Manager may choose to work Monday to-Thursday or Tuesday to Friday, as long as there are volunteers to cover the store on the day she is off duty.
  1. Report to the Board any unusual or significant matters outside of routine duties at monthly board meetings.
  1. Must be able to regularly and repetitively move boxes of books weighing approximately 30 pounds and transport multiple boxes on carts between various locations, and make pickups of donated items at various residences via personal vehicle.