Bidding this Fall? Do it Efficiently with OBC’s Post Info to Go Research Tool

Post Info to Go (PITG) is post-specific research tool specifically designed to assist foreign affairs employees and their family members in the bidding and assignment process. Managed by the Overseas Briefing Center (OBC), this easy-to-use platform is available online on the OBC OpenNet, GO Browser and Post Info To Go-External, a password-protected website for family members. It offers a comparison of over 270 posts worldwide, more than 2,000 anonymous Personal Post Insights, and over 6,000 post-specific documents.   Find TM3 “Welcome to Post” cables, CLO welcome and orientation materials, technology surveys, consumables guidelines, schooling and childcare options, family member employment information, pet import and quarantine restrictions, disability and accessibility surveys, post videos, housing handbooks and photos, and… Read More

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