Family Life in the Foreign Service

Foreign Service Kids
Love, Marriage and Divorce in the Foreign Service
Family Ties
State Department Resources for Foreign Service Family Members

Foreign Service Kids

From Babies to Graduates and Everything In-Between: How EFM Education Businesses Support FS Kids At Every Stage
Christianna Pangalos outlines EFM business to help with the needs of your growing child(ren).

Applying to US Colleges: a Primer for American Teens
Independent college counselor Francesca Kelly offers a step-by-step guide for Foreign Service teens.

Going to College in America
A guide for college-bound teens to understanding the weirdest culture of all: your own. By Francesca Kelly.

Taking a Special Needs Child Overseas
Rebecca Grappo, educational consultant, on what you need to know before you go.

Tips for Summer Hires and Their Supervisors
Embassy summer hire Miranda Salazar has some great advice for all summer hire employers.

Who Needs College When You’ve Got a Driver’s License?
Foreign Service Brat Douglas Garrison on a gap year spent learning about his home country.

Love, Marriage and Divorce in the Foreign Service

The Predicament of Divorcing Foreign Service Spouses
Details on how AAFSW is here to help.

Can a Single Female Find Love in the Foreign Service?
Patricia Linderman answers a frequently asked question.

An Overview of the Environment of U.S. Foreign Service Children
A summary prepared by AAFSW volunteers to assist in cases of divorce and separation.

Prospective FSO Seeks Spouse
Patricia Linderman on how to explain the Foreign Service lifestyle to potential spouses.

Sexual Status and Marriage Maintenance Overseas
Temptation happens. Patricia Linderman on keeping the focus on marriage in the face of it all.

Family Ties

ADD: Coping with Nonstop House Guests
You’ve finally landed that post where everyone wants to comes to visit. But be careful what you wish for! Patricia Linderman’s advice on being a good host while setting boundaries for your own sanity.

Enjoying Your Elderly Visitors Overseas
A longtime Foreign Service community member shares her tips for making the visits of older family members more enjoyable for all concerned.

State Department Resources for Foreign Service Family Members

Mental Health Resources for Foreign Service Families
Dr. Paul Beighley, Regional Medical Office and Psychiatrist offers an overview of resources available to Foreign Service families.

Family Member Access to Online Resources at State
Kelly Bembry Midura outlines what is available–and not available–to Foreign Service family members online.


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