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Online Training Resources

View videos, presentations, and transcripts from the Transition Center available on the internet. Available training resources cover topics like special education needs and overseas crisis readiness.

The Transition Center provides training, information, and referral services to U.S. government employees and their families assigned to diplomatic posts abroad and post-career services to employees of foreign affairs and other federal agencies. It is comprised of the Training Division (TC/T), the Overseas Briefing Center (TC/OBC), and the Career Transition Center (TC/CTC). Through its three divisions, the Transition Center helps prepare employees and their family members for effectiveness in the foreign affairs community by facilitating transitions throughout-and after-their careers.

More than 15,000 people visit the Overseas Briefing Center annually, seeking current information on living conditions at overseas posts. Another 1,500 participate in the Transition Center’s specialized training workshops on subjects ranging from regulations and finances to employment options for spouses. More than 2,000 employees and family members attend the Security Overseas Seminar each year, and about 1,250 participate in the Career Transition Center’s programs.

Training Division

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The Transition Center’s Training Division (TC/T) offers programs and special events to assist you in learning helpful skills in navigating foreign affairs life. These include understanding the structure of a U.S. embassy/mission; cross-cultural competencies; social, etiquette, and protocol skills; safety, security, and medical knowledge. Presentations and courses target not just employees but also family members, including children. Courses are offered Monday through Friday and on select Saturdays and Wednesday evenings. Prior registration is required. For current course listings and schedules call 703-302-7268 or e-mail TC Training at

For more information on Transition Center courses, view the course calendar or visit the Training Division website.

Another group of seminars includes the Security Overseas Seminar (SOS), which all foreign affairs agency personnel are required to attend before going abroad and every five years thereafter. Family members are strongly urged to attend. The two-day SOS allows participants to query experts, review policy, and receive advice on security-related topics. The one-day Advanced Security Overseas Seminar (ASOS) provides updates for those who have already taken SOS. In addition, SOS for Temporary Duty Personnel is a one-day course that provides U.S. government business travelers with vital information about security matters. Children grades 2-12 may attend the one-day Youth Security Overseas Seminar (YSOS) offered during the summer months. Prior registration for all courses is required. For course dates and more information call 703-302-7269 or e-mail SOS Training at

Overseas Briefing Center

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The Overseas Briefing Center (OBC) provides practical advice on preparing to go overseas, including checklists of things to do before leaving and information on allowances, insurance, or traveling with pets. It also offers vital post-specific information on life abroad. Country briefing boxes offer insight into individual posts; culture guides and cross-cultural reference books provide guidance to life in the foreign country where you’ll be posted; and if you would like to get in touch with someone who’s been there, the OBC offers a returnee file of local contacts. Also available to U.S. government employees and their family members are “electronic post boxes,” which can be accessed by sending an e-mail to the Overseas Briefing Center.

The Overseas Briefing Center operates as a drop-in facility. It is open Monday through Friday from 8:15 am to 5:00 pm as well as on select Saturdays and Wednesday evenings. For more information e-mail the Overseas Briefing Center at

Career Transition Center

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The Career Transition Center (CTC) provides retirement planning seminars (RV 101 and 105) and a transition program (Job Search Program – RV
102) for U.S. citizen employees of the Department of State and other federal international affairs agencies. The free “CTC Job Leads” subscription job posting service is also available. Civil Service and Foreign Service employees and retirees are welcome to subscribe to the free “CTC Job Leads” service, which provides job postings on a regular basis. Contact the CTC office to obtain subscription information.

Eligible Family Members (EFMs) are welcome to attend the Retirement Planning Seminar (RV 101) and Mid-Career Retirement Planning Seminar (RV 105) with their employee spouse/partner, on a space available basis. EFMs (spouses/partners) are also welcome to attend the large group sessions of the Job Search Program (RV 102) with their employee spouse/partner.

The Career Transition Center is located at the National Foreign Affairs Training Center, telephone 703-302-7407.

More information is available to State Department employees and their family members on the Department Intranet.

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