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Family Liaison Office

The Family Liaison Office (M/DGHR/FLO)

Harry S Truman Building, Room 1239
Department of State
Washington, DC 20520
Tel: (202) 647-1076, or (800) 440-0397 / Fax: (202) 647-1670

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The following description was provided by the Family Liaison Office

The Family Liaison Office (FLO) supports U.S. government direct-hire employees and their family members serving overseas and transitioning back to the United States. FLO’s mission is to improve their quality of life through advocacy, programs, and services online, in Washington, and at more than 200 posts worldwide. FLO’s major service areas include the worldwide Community Liaison Office program, family member employment, education and youth, unaccompanied tours, crisis management, and expeditious naturalization.

The Family Liaison Office offers a wide range of resources/publications covering a variety of FS topics. To search by subject, please click on the links below. To access a specific resource by name, please see the A-Z site guide on FLO’s website.

The Family Liaison Office was created in 1978 as a part of Management in the Department of State with the mandate of responding to the needs of Foreign Service families as they try to cope with the disruptions caused by a mobile lifestyle and service abroad. The Foreign Service Act of 1980 reiterated the importance of quality of life issues and specified the creation of a program on family member employment.

Today FLO and its 150 Community Liaison Offices (CLOs) at embassies and consulates abroad serve over 35,000 employees and family members representing over 50 agencies. In Washington, FLO advocates on behalf of Foreign Service employees and families.

The Director of the Family Liaison Office reports to the Director General of the Foreign Service. To view more information about the FLO and its
staff, please visit the official FLO page at the Department of State website.

M/DGHR/FLO Resources

Many of these publications are downloadable from the Family Liaison Office web site.

  • Adult Education Opportunities
  • Adoption Guidelines for the Foreign Service Family
  • Assignment Washington
  • Boarding School Data Base
  • Composite Child Care Report
  • Education Options for Foreign Service Family Members
  • Family Member Employment Information Resources
  • Evacuation Plan: Don’t Leave Home Without It
  • Family Member Employment Report
  • Foreign Service Assignment Notebook
  • The Foreign Service Family and Divorce
  • What Do I Do Now? A Sourcebook on Regulations, Allowances, and Finance

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