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Employee Consultation Services

About Employee Consultation Services (ECS)

Telephone: (202) 663-1815.

The Employee Consultation Service is located in Mental Health Services within the Office of Medical Services. The staff is comprised of experienced professional social workers who offer the following: confidential employee assistance short-term counseling and referral assistance; consultation and support to families with children who have special educational needs which includes coordination of the post approval and medical clearance recommendation process; assistance with psychosocial and administrative support to families experiencing domestic violence; counseling support to diplomatic security; and administrative review and assistance with compassionate curtailments, breaks and extensions of service.

Foreign Service and Civil Service employees may contact the ECS staff to discuss concerns of an individual, couple/marital, family, or workplace
nature. This opportunity allows the employee to discuss issues in a private and confidential manner. Oftentimes, when circumstances require more extensive intervention, a referral is made to a community resource utilizing the employee’s health insurance plan.

The ECS staff works closely with parents who are assigned overseas and covered by MED to assure their children’s special needs are identified,
appropriately assessed and an effective educational plan is established. The staff has an extensive fund of psycho educational resource and assessment information that will assist parents with children who present with special educational needs to assure the child succeeds in school. Specifically, the ECS staff assists families with the arrangement of educational assessments to identify delays in development, which includes: speech problems, motor coordination difficulties, learning difficulties, attention deficit disorders, and emotional problems. Comprehensive evaluations can include psychological, educational, speech/language, occupational therapy and psychiatric assessments.

More ECS information and resources are available to State Department employees and their family members on the Department Intranet.

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