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A variety of social media groups exist to provide tips and advice for living in posts around the globe as members of official diplomatic communities (i.e., “official Americans”). Below is a growing collection of local resources you can connect with using services such as Facebook, Google+, and Yahoo! Groups. If you have suggestions of “official American” groups for this list submit them to AAFSW!


Djibouti (Djibouti)

  • Joy of Djibouti
    f_logo32x32Just an unofficial spot for Djibouti embassy community folks to share info and plan activities. Members don’t need to be approved by an administrator, but they do need to be invited as it’s set to “secret” on facebook.

Senegal (Dakar)

  • CLO Dakar (Facebook)
    f_logo32x32CLO Dakar moderates a private Facebook page for incoming and current Direct Hire Americans and their families posted to Dakar, Senegal. We list events, notices and information about Post.
  • La Palabre – The Unofficial newsletter of the CLO office in Dakarwordpress32x32
    Unofficial newsletter website for the CLO Dakar with blog posts, classified ad listings, events calendar, and employment opportunities. Contact information for the CLO Dakar is also available.

South Africa (Johannesburg)

  • Consulate Johannesburg
    f_logo32x32The US Consulate General Johannesburg Facebook Group is a private, moderated group with restricted membership for currently assigned and incoming US Direct Hires and their Eligible Family Members and Members of Household.

East Asia and the Pacific

Ha Noi (Vietnam)

  • The Bronze Drum – The Unofficial Newsletter of the U.S. Embassy Ha Noi wordpress32x32
    Maintained by the Community Liaison Office (CLO) at the U.S. Embassy Hanoi. The CLO Team acts as a supporting organization to Americans serving at the embassy, including U.S. Foreign Service Officers, employees from several other U.S. government departments, and their family members.

Europe and Eurasia

Austria (Vienna)

  • Vienna Vagabonds
    f_logo32x32A Facebook group for employees of the tri-mission American community and their family members. A private, moderated group with restricted membership. Click “Join Group” and one of the group administrators will message you to confirm your status as a member of the official mission community.
  • TriVienna
    An unofficial resource for the Tri-Mission American community in Vienna

Bulgaria (Sofia)

  • SofiaParents
    yahoo_logoThis group is focused on parents who are living, and working in Sofia Bulgaria. It is not limited to parents, but we ask the any content put up on the site be family friendly. Anyone can join–it doesn’t matter if they are planning on being posted to Sofia, or just coming for a short trip. This is a great place to ask questions. We hope to draw on many people’s experiences and years of living here in Bulgaria.


Ukraine (Kyiv)

  • Kids in Kyiv
    shutterflyA shared, members-only, Shutterfly site for English speaking expat families in Kyiv, Ukraine. The group holds regular playgroups, mom’s nights out, reading groups, and special events. The forum allows users to ask questions and find information about living in Kyiv. The classifieds help people buy and sell and find household help. An active charity component, a summer activities program, and regular contests expand opportunities for families to become involved in Kyiv. Join by sending a request through the site to the group coordinators.

Near East (North Africa and the Middle East)

Coming Soon

South and Central Asia

Korea (Seoul)

  • Kimchi and Apple Pie
    f_logo32x32An unofficial group for members of the USE-Seoul community including employees, EFMs and MOHs.

Western Hemisphere

Nicaragua (Managua)

  • CLO Managua, Nicaragua
    f_logo32x32A closed, private group for the US Embassy Managua community. We allow all staff members and their family members.

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