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  • Post Research
    Researching Overseas Posts To request that your website be added to this page please email State Department Resources The Family Liaison Office of the Department of State offers a wide variety of publications regarding State Department procedures.  Many are downloadable at the FLO page of the State Department website.  For an overview of State [...]
  • Spouse Employment
    Use the topics below to learn more about available resources for family member and spouse employment while overseas and in Washington, DC. Employment in Washington, DC Training Options for FS Spouses Working Outside the Mission Eligible Family Member (EFM) Employment Other Employment Resources
    • Employment in Washington DC
      Career Development Resource Center (CDRC) Meet individually or in groups with career counselors; available to Department of State spouses/partners and to all EFMs (regardless of parent agency affiliation) employed by State overseas email for more information FLO’s Quick Guide to Employment in the DC Area FLO’s “Career Management Strategies: Fitting into the Washington Job [...]
    • Training Options
      “Training Toolkit” A PDF brochure outlining training options at FSI for family members. Includes course descriptions, instructions for registration, and lots of contact information. Transition Center – Training Division Course list List of Training Center courses oriented to family member employment (PDF) Schedule of upcoming classes. Click course titles for dates and times Functional training [...]
    • Work Outside the Mission
      Current list of countries with bilateral agreements and de-facto work arrangements with the US Includes the actual text of the agreement with each country FLO’s Home-Based Business Guide (PDF)Regulations, Frequently Asked Questions, success stories, and insights related to running a home-based business while abroad Global Employment Initiative (GEI) Regional Global Employment Advisors (GEAs) provide career [...]
    • EFM Employment
      Overseas Briefing Center (OBC) at the Foreign Service Institute’s Transition Center The Family Liaison Office’s “Quick Guide to Overseas Employment” (PDF) Overview of the Expanded Professional Associates Program (EPAP) Provides full-time employment for spouses on the same level as entry level officers; spouses can apply once per year and must pass a business writing test [...]
    • Other Employment Resources
      Social Media LinkedIn Group – “PROPS – Professional Partners/Spouses of FS” Membership available upon request and approval by group administrator. Facebook AAFSW’s Facebook Page occasionally posts Department of State and Foreign Service community employment opportunities for family members. Group – “EFMs Helping Other EFMs Find Employment” Yahoo! Group – CTC Job Leads Subscribe by sending [...]
  • Expat Organizations
    Organizations for Foreign Service and Other Expatriates To request that your website be added to this page please email The Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide, sponsors of this website, have been representing American diplomatic familes for decades. For more information, please visit our About AAFSW section. American Foreign Service Protective [...]
  • Online Expat Communities
    Many missions overseas have formed their own Facebook groups to connect the community. Ask your Community Liaison Office Coordinator (CLO) if such a group exists, and if not, start it yourself! Many current groups are listed on the AAFSW website. AAFSW’s Facebook page,, provides information on AAFSW and other community activities, useful links, and [...]
  • Foreign Service Blogs
    If you are a member of the U.S. Foreign Service community and publish a blog you can submit a request to have your blog added to the list. Submit a request to add your blog to the list
    • Add your blog to AAFSW
      Use the form below to submit a request to have your blog added to the AAFSW website.
    • “Best Practices” for Foreign Service Bloggers
      There are three types of people in the Foreign Service: those who blog, those who don’t blog, and those who are wondering what all the fuss is about. The medium itself is relatively new. When I started my blog back in 2007, there were only a handful of Foreign Service bloggers out there. We blogged [...]
    • Privacy 101 for Bloggers
      As controversial as they may be in some State Department circles, Foreign Service blogs are here to stay. Donna Gorman has offered some excellent general advice for bloggers in her article. Building on that, here are a few tips for fine-tuning your blog. Privacy can be, and should be, a concern for all FS bloggers, [...]
    • AAFSW Widgets
      Please use one of our new widgets to help spread the word about AAFSW! If you use Blogger, for example, you would add an HTML gadget to your sidebar, then paste the code below into the gadget. Voilà! A nifty little AAFSW button for your blog! To add this widget to your blog’s sidebar, copy [...]
  • Voting Resources
    Federal Voting Information and Resources To request that your website be added to this page please email The Federal Voting Assistance Program. Instructions on registering and voting while living overseas under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (Foreign Service employees and their families qualify.) Downloadable/printable version of the Federal Post Card [...]
  • State Department Resources
    State Department Resources for Foreign Service Families AAFSW provides information about State Department resources and events for Foreign Service families as a service to our membership and the Foreign Service community at large. Please note that AAFSW is not affiliated with the Department of State and does not receive State Department funds. To support this [...]
    • Family Liaison Office
      The Family Liaison Office (M/DGHR/FLO) Harry S Truman Building, Room 1239 Department of State Washington, DC 20520 Tel: (202) 647-1076, or (800) 440-0397 / Fax: (202) 647-1670 Website: Newsletters/Social Media: Unaccompanied Tours blog, Foggy Bottom Rambles: The Network (Yahoo Group job listserv for family members): To register, e mail Include name, agency [...]
    • The Transition Center
      About the Transition Center (FSI/TC) Training Division Overseas Briefing Center Career Transition Center Online Training Resources View videos, presentations, and transcripts from the Transition Center available on the internet. Available training resources cover topics like special education needs and overseas crisis readiness. The Transition Center provides training, information, and referral services to U.S. government employees [...]
    • Office of Overseas Schools
      About the Office of Overseas Schools (O/OS) Official website: A list of overseas schools that are able to accommodate special needs and/or gifted children is available here (PDF). Every Foreign Service parent knows that the quality of education available overseas is a major factor to be considered in the bidding process. If you are [...]
    • Employee Consultation Services
      About Employee Consultation Services (ECS) Email: Telephone: (202) 663-1815. The Employee Consultation Service is located in Mental Health Services within the Office of Medical Services. The staff is comprised of experienced professional social workers who offer the following: confidential employee assistance short-term counseling and referral assistance; consultation and support to families with children who [...]
  • Post Social Networks
    A variety of social media groups exist to provide tips and advice for living in posts around the globe as members of official diplomatic communities (i.e., “official Americans”). Below is a growing collection of local resources you can connect with using services such as Facebook, Google+, and Yahoo! Groups. If you have suggestions of “official [...]

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