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  • Staying Connected with the Foreign Service in DC
    I recently lived in the northern Virginia suburbs of D.C. for seven years (including an unaccompanied year while my husband was in Kosovo). I was more comfortable than many are in the D.C. area, having lived there for several years previously. Still, I was surprised to find that I really needed to stay connected to [...]
  • Furnishing Your DC Home on a Budget
    The summer transfer season is approaching, and many Foreign Service families may be wondering how to furnish a new residence in the DC area. Or, wondering what will come out of the storage unit they haven’t opened in ten years. Or wondering how to furnish bedrooms for the children they somehow acquired over the last [...]
  • Leaving the Foreign Service
    By Andrea McCarley Separating from service? It’s time for your 12-month State Department recovery program. Below is an overview of your emotional journey over the next year. Month 1: Sober Up and Head Home For the last month at post you were partying every night and getting no sleep. Now your clothes don’t fit and [...]
  • Getting to Know America: A Parent's Perspective
    By Jeffery Garrison I once told a new officer that Washington, D.C. was not only our toughest hardship post, but also the greatest source of culture shock. For those of us who have gone through A-100 or FSI courses on culture shock, it’s still a bit of a problem. Imagine what it’s like for our [...]
  • Renovating Your DC Home
    This article was part of the original “Cyberspouse” series that ran in our Global Link newsletter in the 1990s. We’ve all seen housing prices in the Washington , DC area go up at double-digit rates for the last few years, while Foreign Service salaries have not! Many families, including the Cyberspouse’s own, have considered buying [...]

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